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GERLOFTIN's Internship Program

A History of Mentorship

While our internship program has been in effect for the last 4 years, mentorship has been a core principle since GERLOFTIN's beginnings. Modeled after a mentorship program James Loftin was brought through by his pastor, Dr. James Merritt, the firm hosts 8 high school student interns in their senior year before heading off to college.

The program started in 2019 with Keir Pienaar, who is now a Financial Advisor for GERLOFTIN, and co-manages the operations department with Practice Manager, Cindy Scheffler. Since Keir started as the first-generation intern, over 30 interns have completed our internship program, and gone off to schools such as Harvard, NYU, Michigan's Ross School of Business, Vanderbilt, UGA, Perdue University, J. Mack Robinson School of Business, and GA Tech.

Many of these students came from local high schools such as Lambert, Denmark, South Forsyth, Northview, and Peachtree Ridge. Some of these students are valedictorians, FBLA officers, National Honor's Society members, 4.0+ GPAs, and have each individually left a mark on our company. GERLOFTIN plans on running this internship program for a total of 10 years and have over 80 students gain first-hand experience with the firm before heading off to college. 

Applying for an Internship

Our intern program usually lasts for a full year, from when the students begin their senior year in high school, up until they leave for college. We begin our hiring process in May of the year they will begin the internship, and hand select 8 interns with a goal start date of August-September. 

If you are interested in joining our team, please complete our application form and provide your resume, cover letter, and any references or letters of recomendation. We are looking for high caliber students who show a  high interest in Finance/Investing, Financial Planning, Business Operations, and Marketing, and have a strong academic background.