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Our Process

First Meeting

Our first meeting will be all about getting to know each other. You’ll find we take a genuine and honest approach to the initial meeting. There’s never any pressure. We just want to get to know you – and have you get to know us.

Financial Review

From there, we’ll take a thorough look at your current finances: net worth, cash flow, cash reserves, debt, estate, wills, insurance, taxes and much more. We’ll evaluate your financial condition with an eye toward retirement planning ahead of everything else. After all, you can’t borrow money to fund your retirement.

Risk Analyzer

We’ll encourage you to take the Risk Analyzer test – which reveals how risk averse you might be. It’s an online test and it only takes a few minutes. But it can be very revealing. The Risk Analyzer helps us discover any gaps between your natural tendencies and your current portfolio or long-term goals.

Two-Page Summary

After getting to know you and your financial goals – and evaluating your assets and performing a gap analysis – we’ll provide you with a two-page summary of what you need to do to pursue your goals. This is the first step toward a much more comprehensive, written financial plan – should you decide to proceed with us – and then to our ongoing, proven process for preserving and striving to grow your wealth. Will provide you with a comprehensive, real-time digital financial plan.